We still work our produce racks, only the freshest fruits and vegetables are

left out on the rack to sell, At GFF you know that if we have it on the rack it

is quality and fresh....Come in and look at our Produce Department, Compare

it to any super store around.....Our personell is trained and supervised to

properly handle all varieties of produce....So when you get it home it will

have the longest possible freshness. 


Do you think fresh Produce is expensive?? Not at GFF-----We buy our own deals and our produce buyer personally selects the best qualities and values anywhere......We price our produce at lower profit margins than most stores and operate on volume--we want to sell it and sell it fast, it does not sit there long....You will not find produce at better prices anywhere!!!!




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Friday (8/28)
Ambrosia Apples 2lb. Bag

$1.99 / ea.

Fresh Broccoli

99¢ / ea.

Fresh Cali. Iceberg Lettuce

99¢ / ea.

Fresh Cauliflower

99¢ / ea.

Mixed Fruit Tray 64oz.

$3.99 / ea.

New Mexico Hatch Chili

99¢ / lb.

Seedless Watermelons

$1.99 / ea.

Valencia Oranges 3lb. Bag

$1.99 / ea.