--------------HERE IS WHAT WE DO------------------

We give you the freshest and best quality products we can find at the best price......GFF is always conscious of what our customers want------

We already have one of the largest varieties of grocery products in the state......Looking for an item?? Let us know and we will find it and carry it for you, no other store around can or will do this for you---but we do it everyday...We care about our customers and want to give them what they want....All of our managers have over 30 years in grocery experience each...Have you ever been to a store around holiday time and got discouraged because they were out of key holiday items, causing you to have to go somewhere else???  We know what to order and are not out of anything at holiday time.  Our managers and employees listen to what you want and we have the ability to make things happen , we don't have to call an office in another state or wait weeks to get an approval on something, if you want something we will get it.....


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Sunday (3/24)